What is this feeling?

What is this feeling ?

What is this sensing ?

What is this glowing ? What is this ?

It burns !

It beats !

It hurts !

It hits !

It’s wonderful yet overwhelming

Coming from deep inside

Unknown yet very close

Strange yet very familiar !

What is this?, is all I can say

But I know what this is …

I’m just unable to give it words

Yet pulled to express it …

You know what this is, don’t you ?!

I know you do !

Deep down inside you …

I know you do !



Oh Love …

Oh Love,

How strong are you?

You kill all my reasoning

And all my senses

Waking up new ones !

New ways of reasoning

New forms of feeling

Surely, you are the reason beyond all reason.

You are the feeling beyond all feeling …

Oh Love,

You are killing me …

Please, go on killing me …

This despair is beyond all despair.

It is pure fullness …a fullness

I’m too little for …

But please, go on …

Make me feel beyond my feeling

Make me reason beyond my reasoning

Make me be beyond my being …

Oh Love …

Oh Love …