Only those who know with their heart …

Only for those who know with their heart
For having truly lived it
Will those words trying to refer to the unsayable
Have true meaning …

Until the moment we truly felt it, lived it
Those words may touch our heart
But they appeal only to a deep longing from our heart,
Or a remembering from a deep and somehow forgotten knowing

For our heart has a deep rememberance
Of who we are and of what we are
And it resonates as we read those words
But it lacks the real experience …

True knowing askes for more than the awakening of the deep lost memory
It needs a rediscovering as if it were lived for the very first time
A genuine experience of what the words refer to
Only then do we truly know the meaning.

But even these words are only words …
From a memory?
Even these words will appeal …
Let us be silent now … and live!!


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