Can Anyone Tell Me …

Is een beetje aan het opruimen en vond dit schrijfsel van enkele maanden geleden … moet ergens in oktober geweest zijn, schap ik, op een late avond in bed … jammer dat ik er niet onmiddellijk de datum bij gezet heb … maar het gevoel kan ik nog levendig voelen


Can anyone tell me

Why people are afraid

To show me their vulnerability

When it is that vulnerability that makes them strong to me


When I hear their voice shake

As they speak

I can feel them enter me

At a level I didn’t even know existed


They enter me

In the deepest of myself

Where there is only love to respond

At that level beyond my own fear


In that encounter

Beyond all fear

Mine or theirs

Our meeting is true


Only there do people really meet

And touch each other

Healing the deepest wounds

Just by letting each other be


Without any fear … or maybe from within it

Right from the heart

Right from the core of our being

Why is this so frightening?



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