An old tree …

An old tree came to me last night

I wasn’t asleep yet, but nearly

He asked me to touch him

So I reached out and touched him with my hand


Suddenly I was a child again

And I felt safe with the tree

It felt like he was my parents, my grandparents

And all my ancestors at the same time.


“Do you want to know a secret?”, he asked

So I listened very carefully

“Everybody loves you!”, he said

“Even if they don’t know it themselves”


“They’re just too busy with other things

And so they have forgotten how to look into their hearts

But deep inside, they do love you!”

And instantly I knew the old tree was right.


I wondered how I could have forgotten such a truth

For in that moment I completely knew it was true

Maybe I too had forgotten

How to look into my heart …


I guess that old tree

Was just the Wise inside of me

Helping me to rediscover

How to look into my own heart again.



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