A strange dream …

I woke up to a strange dream the other night

Snakes were coming out of my belly …

Strangely enough, I was not afraid nor scared

I just looked at it, wondering what it could mean.


It was one of those moments when I find myself

Half awake and half asleep

In those moments when images just come

Just images, no stories.


The snakes were rather dull

No color, just plain gray like eels

But I still think they were snakes anyhow …

if i’m not mistaken, that is.


For eels are quite interesting as well, I must admit

But I’d rather stick with the snakes

Snakes are very peculiar beasts

I kinda like them, even if it wasn’t always that way


They seem to have a special meaning to me lately

They don’t scare me

Even if I realise they have some kind of double nature

Something attractive and inspiring, but something very dark as well.


Eels or snakes … I wonder …

They were very slimy

As they came out of my belly

It is still a mistery as how they managed


I wonder why they were in my belly

And I’m not quite sure on how they got out either

Perhaps through my umbilicus

But still it didn’ hurt a bit at all


I found it a bit weird though, I must admit

at the edge of disgusting even

But I was most of all very much intrigued

By such a strange incident.


What a strange story it is, indeed!!

I’m not even sure why I write it

Maybe just letting words come

Hoping the answer will come with them …


I think I’ll have to leave it in peace for now

Since no inspiration seems to come

Other than this fairy tale-ish account

Of a very strange dream … indeed …




Art (KP – 17/01/2013)

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