Snakes …

Snakes are coming out of my body
A black snake crawls before my eyes …

A snakes accompanies me on a walk through the woods
Tree snakes crawl up across my spine …

Snakes …As they do come in moments of silence
Neither asleep nor awake
Somewhere in another dimension, another time and space

These snakes
They feel like a signal
A call, a proces, a progress
An awakening, a transformation

They come to me
In the form of life – here as snakes
In the same way as Nature makes herself visible … through life

They’re telling me
In a language without words
That i’m being called by Nature
That I’m being called by the Earth

They’re telling me
To come down
To the eartly level of life
And to connect!

For I have been disconnected
For too long now
Hiding in etheric spheres
Away from earthly life

“Come”, I hear them say
“Come”, says the Earth
“For it is time now
To be (re)born from my womb”

“I will embrace you, as I have always been willing to do”
“Come now! It is time! You are ready!”
“I am inviting you, to take your place
On this Earth where you belong and where you have work to do!”

“You know you do!
For that why you came
And why you wanted it so badly!
You know this, don’t you?! I know you do!!”







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