There are no mistakes

The darkness is food
Healthy food for life
Fed by sorrow
I become more alive

Digested properly
It becomes Joy
For at it’s beginning 
It is always Love

There’s no way 
I can express this in words
It is too profound
But the beloved knows

There are no mistakes
The Universe knows what it is doing
We may not be able to understand … yet
But it’s purpose is pure

Bringing us closer to the source
Bringing us closer to ourselves
So that we might be able
To recognise ourselves 

Being the beloved within the beloved
The love within the loving
The sorrow bringing us closer to it
As food for our soul

Learning through it to see the beauty
Bringing us closer and closer
To our deepest capacity of feeling
Deep enough to go beyond ourselves

Losing ourself as to find ourselves better
For in losing ourselves in the Other
In full awareness
We find ourselves for what we are …

Each time the circle begins again
Bringing us closer and closer to the center
Without ever reaching it …
For there is no end …



As nature comes into balance between day and night
I realise I do too
As walking over a tightrope
I try to keep balance between dark and light

What happens outside 
Is not different from what happens inside
We too have our saisons
We too have our equinoxes

The more I open myself
The more I realise
That Nature and I 
Are breathing as one

How often do I weep when it rains
But regenerating myself at the same time
How often do I shine
Whilst the sun is out

But how often did I hide
From it’s Light
For it casts such strong shadows
No wonder it frightened …

As for now
I can face my shadows
Cause I know 
The Light is there at the same time


Encounter …

In words we spoke
About the meaning of words
In silence we spoke
About the secrets beyond words
Caught we were by the Heart 
In that which we couldn’t say
But in that Silence … 
We felt … and met each other.