Nothing Else Matters …

Inside the womb
A pain and a sadness
A strength and determination at the same time

Knowing my mother wasn’t too happy
To have me coming …
Still I had to come

Only still an embryo
I already strongly felt
My mothers apprehension

But I knew I had to come
So I stayed
For my sake as well as hers … and even for Life’s sake

It took me years
Almost 50 years to realise
Where this unexplainable sadness came from

Till I realised 
It was from even before my birth …
I needed time to integrate this new knowledge

Since then I have learned that this pain was necessary
That this hardness from life was needed 
For me to search for the deepest strength in me

That strength that comes from beyond me and my little story
That strength that brought me to a much deeper and larger story 
A story I still have to discover and uncover …

Inside the womb
I took one step already
To awakening to a deeper power and strength

Still conscious then
It became unconscious as I took my first breath of air …
It took me half a lifetime to rediscover that strength

Thank You, Mother!
For being that strong mother
Capable of teaching me this lesson!

For it is not an easy task
To be that mother
An ungrateful and ungracious task it seems …

But I’m not blind for that precious gift you gave to me
You are like Mother Earth
That sometime needs to shake and scare …

I know you didn’t do it on purpose, then, so many years ago
But that’s not important
I know you see me now

You see me as life made me
And you gave me life
Nothing else matters 

I love you, Mother!







Art: Katy Pylyser – Inside the Womb

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