O Deepness

O Deepness,
You pull me inward and downward
Without leaving me much of a break 

In truth, I must admid
That when you are not there
I truly miss you

I cannot be long without you
For you give me the intensity
And the worthyness of my life

When you’re not there
I long for you
I long for the sense of living you give to me

Within you lie the deepest feelings
I’m capable of feeling
You make me vibrant with life

Everytime you take me with you
Deep within myself
I discover new ones

New feelings
New intensities
New nurishment …

Each one is a new invitation 
To go even further
To go deeper within …

After each journey
I need to rest for awhile
But very quickly, I start missing you

Is it me who is longing for you
Or is it you who are calling?
Whathever it is, it is always me …

Oh Deepness, Soul of mine
You make it all worthwhile
Whatever the feeling you awaken in me

Whether it is unexplainable sorrow or grief
Groundless love or deep friendship in which I lose myself
Unbearable aloneness in which I must meet and discover myself

Tears from the deepest well
Unspeakable and almost unbearable joys
Feelings impossible to share … except with myself

Feelings so intens I sometimes feel my body is too small to bear them
But then I become bigger that my body, bigger than myself
Just to be able to experience them

And then, beyond that limit of myself
I am given to understand what it is all for
Beyond myself, all the little things within myself get a meaning

Beyond myself I am given to see the greater picture
The why’s and the hows …
And then a calmness … a pureness … a love … and my being is filled with gratitude

O Deepness, Soul of mine
No wonder I so long for you …
You make me alive beyond my own life … like eternity …


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