I’m a lover of extremes …

I’m a lover of extremes
Of Life and Death 
Silence and Poetry 
Gladness and Sadness
Day and Night 
Darkness and Light 
Sickness and Health 
Ups and Downs 
Hope and Despair
Faith and Doubt 
The Pain and the Healing 
The Laughter and the Tears 
The Question and The Answer 
The Alone-ness and the Togetherness 
The Earth and the Universe 
The Below and the Above 
The Inside and the Outside 
The Micro and the Macro
The Close and the Beyond 
The Intimate and the Far 
Mine and Yours 
The Sun and the Moon 
The Mother and the Father 
The Feminine and the Masculine 
The Human and the Sacred 
The Separateness and the Oneness 

Because I know they’re not opposites
They’re one and the same
Extremely One and the same !
I’m a lover of extremes …
And of everything in between 
I’m a lover of All that Is …



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