I’ve learned to love my sorrow

I’ve learned to love my sorrow … 
It has always shown me 
My deepest inner longing and strength … 
The fullest bearing moon in me … 
The strongest burning sun … 
It sometimes hurts very badly 
But then again …
So very often dances … dances … 
Dances me from night to day …

I’ve learned to love my sorrow …
That cutting and carving unbearable inner dancing
That seemingly immobile 
But non the less so deeply moving dance
That scars me the way …
To myself!

With time the blade became more like a blade of grass
The dance more gentle and green
Like the wind playing with the leaves
Bringing with the sorrow a soft smile on my face
A friendly and gentle tickle … 
Of recognition … and trust 


(Katy Pylyser)

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