Warm and salty
Like oceans

They speak a language
Of hurt
Or sadness
Or of happiness

They make us awake
They make us aware
That something deep inside
Wants us to be noticed

It is not always clear
What they want us to see
Sometimes it’s a mix of things
Like sadness and happiness mingled

It often has to do
With something that cannot be said
For hidden so deeply
It needs another way to get expressed

Tears are always true
Even if they sometimes
Hide something deeper
Like a child crying for a new toy

It is an art to read tears
An occult wisdom
From the depths of our being
Quite ancestral I believe

It is a bit dark
And a bit bright
For in every tear
A crystal can be seen … shining through

Tears themselves
Have wisdom
A wisdom words cannot grab
For words cannot dive that deep

Or sometimes they do
And when they do
They are then pulled within that depth
By the tears themselves

Tears then give birth to words
That wouldn’t otherwise
Be said
They are a creative strength

Warm and salty
Like oceans
So deep

I love them
Warm and salty
And I love them deep like oceans …

(kp) 19-03-2014

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