An invitation

Things are happening
On a wavelength we have
Forgotten how to live on
Reconnection is happening
To the psychic wave

Let’s not miss the wave now!
They are calling and inviting us
To see and feel
Beyond what our eyes can see
Or our senses can feel

Yet we can see and we can feel
Hear, taste, smell
On that psychic level
If we become very silent
Silent enough to be touched

That’s all that is needed
along with openness and love
Which is not a small thing of course
Or maybe indeed so small and precious
That it is indeed truly grand

When will we be able to be so small and true again
So that we may be grand and great again
Filled with a light so pure
That can only live through us if we become pure again
Pure as the purest love

Our sincerest intention is already enough
To reach a point of no return
Allowing the light to live through us
In the softest and at the same time strongest way
So when will you decide … ?

There were times when we still could feel it
Some of us, not all of us
And for some time now
We stepped back from it
Forgetting even its existence

But now we have taken enough space back
To make a big jump forwards
A jump inside ourselves
Deep enough to go beyond what we think is known to us
There lies a whole new dimension to discover

There is here
Within ourselves
It is deep and not deep at the same time
All we need to do is dive
Dive into that silence …

And see what reveals itself

(kp) 13-05-2014

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