… into who we are

I should want to scream it out
This pain that tears my heart apart
I should run from it, some say
But I don’t want to!

I want to feel the tear
I want to taste the tears
I want to feel that silent scream inside
Deafening me

The hammer and the chisel
Breaking my heart with every (heart)beat
The knife of sadness cutting into me
I want to feel it all

I don’t run from it
I don’t shield from it
I want to feel the pain
As deep and raw as the love is

Do you see why I want this?
It is crystal clear, isn’t it!
For my pain is my Beloved’s voice
And mine … unified

This one voice through which we now speak to each other
Is the language of the heart
It doesn’t use words nor bodies
It speaks only through love

It is the voice of the soul
It is the voice we could’t use before
For it was too subtle
To be heard

We could feel it, sense it
We could know its meaning and even its purpose
But we could not live it
Now we have to

There is no way of denying anymore
Being afraid can no longer be an excuse
This silent voice of truth is deafening
And the most soft and sweet voice at the same time

There is no saying “no” anymore
There is only room for “YES” now
There is no way it can be any other way
There is no way it could have been any other way

It is the way of depth
It is the way of impossible
To make it possible
In the deepest way possible

It is beyond my Beloved and me
To make sure
It is my Beloved and me
Into the depth and beyond it all

It doesn’t make sense
It IS sense
Senseless as it seems
It has the deepest reality

It is the growing
Of my Beloved and me
It is the growing
Beyond who we are …

… Into who we are

There are no words
To express the deep meaning of this
Nor its effect …
Only the depth and intensity of living it !

(kp) 29-04-2014

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