An Old Soul

I am an old soul
My heart beats since before time
For time isn’t very old
It only exists within us

My heart has seen the beginning of time
My heart has seen the beginning of all
The very first longing
Just before that very first beating

My heart has felt the birth of God
His desire to live
Through all that is
So my heart beats with all

With that very first beat
That very first breath
The first moment of inspiration
Just before creation

With the breathing
Started the expansion
Infinite …
Never to end …

With every new inspiration
A new creation
New longing
New life

My soul is very old
And so is my heart
And it won’t stop
The moment time will stop

For time exists only within us
Inspiration, longing and creation goes on
With every heartbeat
Of the soul

Katy Pylyser 16-04-2017

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