Easter …

I once had a vision of myself as an egg
The egg was black and was made of ashes
The egg was created by a Phoenix that had just burned to death
And the ashes from the Phoenix formed that black egg

Behind that egg stood a white swan
With her wings opened as to protect the egg
Out of the top of the egg came a thin white thread of smoke
As if it were the breath of an Angel – that white and pure it was

After awhile the egg cracked and fell open
And out of it I appeared
Sitting in a meditative attitude
The swan remained behind me …

Like a reassuring presence
She still, now and then
Appears to me
Letting me know she is still there

Easter is about death and ressurection
So I just remembered this vision …
And thought I might
Share it with you

Katy Pylyser 15-04-2017

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