Evening Writings

Evening writings can be strange
Of a nature altogether different
From other writings
And I blame the moon for that 🙂

I should probably thank her
For there is nothing as powerful
As the call of the moon
She doesn’t even have to be full

Evening writings
When they happen
Are like having a moon
Living inside of me

And as I write this
I know this to be true
Through and through
For then I can feel the tide inside of me

Entire oceans advancing and retrieving with her
Waves that come and go
Bringing all kinds of secret worlds
Carried by the foam

Carrying all kinds of creatures
Made only of water
But looking as if they were made of living crystal
But then of course that makes perfect sense

Whole worlds erupt from the water and come to shore
Making islands and lands anew
Just for now, just for this moment
Retrieving, disappearing again with the next wave

They appear as if they were dreams
But then again
We all know
There’s nothing as real as the realm of dreams !!!

Evening writings are kinda weird
But God I love them
For they open me
To a whole new dimension within me …

Evening writings make me come alive
Within this strange dimension of mine
To help me discover a realm
Where all is possible !!!

Katy Pylyser 15-04-2017

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