Still Crazy After All These Years …

Making walks
In other realms
In other lives
Recreating stories …

Through other worlds
And other times
Amazing …

It gives sense
And it helps
With strong and
Inexplicable feelings

Makes this story
Larger, deeper
More personal
And at the same time less personal

Strange and appealing walks
These walks in time
It feels a bit like dreaming awake
But then still very different

It gives deepness to what we call “here”
Knowing All is here
Every moment and every time
Maybe just other realities in parallel dimension

How the hell do I have to express this …
But then again
These words are only for me
Just for me …

What matters is what I experience
The rest is “nothing”
This “I” is complete within its realm
And so is any other “I”

Within this “I” there is no time nor space
There is only a total of happening
A total of living
A completeness of All

Within this “I” there is no beginning nor end
There is just All there is
Lived in a way we call time and space
On a continuum that doesn’t exist

It does exist but only in our minds
To make it “real” and understandable for our mind
For the mind has its limits
But reality hasn’t

Some might think me crazy
And so do I …
But what a ride …
From here to eternity with everything in it !
Yes, I think you are right !!
And so am I !!

Katy Pylyser – 29-03-2014

(still crazy after all these years :-p )

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