The World Turned Inside Out

Creating a world from within
Without really being aware of it
Without even being able to imagine it
Or can I ?

There are the hunches
The flashes
Little instants of knowing
Almost unnoticeable

Like knowing things
Without having the means of knowing them
And at the same time not knowing
Quite unhinging

Like antennas
I capture things from without
But are they really from without ?
Aren’t they more likely to be from within ?

What if everything we perceive without
Is only a projection of what lives within ?
A creation by ourselves
How would this knowing affect us ?

A world turned inside out
Just to make us live and grasp bits
Of what it is that lives inside
The whole mystery

A whole universe
With skies and suns
Moons and planets
And all that lives on it

People who live and die
All animals known and unknown
Family, lovers, strangers, all of nature
All that happens near or far …

All our own creation
Unknown but nevertheless existing
All creation that exists around us
Our own creation ?

How would this knowing affect us ?
I know how it affects me
Only the thought of it – not even yet knowing …
Or do I ?

It goes beyond what mind can comprehend
And yet, it is all ours, all mine !
Any idea how powerful
That kind of creativity must be ?

And then, what precedes creation
A power beyond what one can conceive
And yet, it is !

A power with a strength
Coming from intent
With purpose
And from within

It makes me wonder
With stupor
What it is that I am
At the very core of me ?

Katy Pylyser 4-12-2016

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