Without Words

She used to say the most important things without words
Just by looking into my eyes
I always had to discover the meaning by myself
And they were the most precious lessons ever

I’ve learned to love these silences
I’ve learned to hear their words
They are beyond the words with meaning
As we are used to know them

These are words from before the words
From before the sound of them
And the restriction of their meaning
They are at the very creation of it

They say beyond the word
They mean beyond the meaning
Opening a passage to the realm of creation
Showing the realm of true meaning or maybe the realm of true experience

That realm is of a purity
That needs time to be understood
It goes that deep
That it just needs time to surface again

She used to say the most important things without words
Because she knew that if she had said them
I wouldn’t have believed them
By discovering them by myself I have no choice …

Katy Pylyser 26-05-2014

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