Musing … Gathering Bits and Pieces of Myself

Losing myself into vastness
And its silence
I come home
Within myself …

Feeling safe again
And calm
I remember
Where I belong

This world is temporary
There is another realm
Timeless and without limit
Being born every moment anew

I belong in both
And in neither one of them
Being at the very creation of both
Who’d believe that!?

Yet I know I’m not crazy
Just not completely lost
Into just one reality
I’m both child and mother of them

But even these words
Don’t quite catch it
I can only feel it
I can only live it from within

And be thankfull
For realizing
Notice the ‘realizing’
As in ‘making real’

As grand as this may seem
It is humbeling
Like Grace
Something to respect deepfully

Writing down these words
I feel a hesitation, become unsure
Perhaps this is better left unsaid
Left into the silence of its grandeur

But then again
This may be what is lacking
In this world where things
Seem to own us

So I speak
And prudently
And maybe mostly for myself

Maybe just to make sure
That I am real
Leaving some kind of trail
For myself to look at

After all
Who is to say
What is real
I just try to grasp bits and pieces of it …

Bits and pieces of myself …

Katy Pylyser 07-07-2017

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