That Quiet and Lonely Place

The night
That quiet and lonely place
Where everything can come to rest
And find its ownness again

The silence of the night
Brings peacefulness
Within the turmoil
Letting it all just be

Within that vast emptiness
All finds its true place and meaning
Regardless whether we understand it or not
Natural order finds its way

All mystical and mysterious
Takes its true dimension
Within the realm of reality
Beyond all comprehension

It goes further than all imaginable
Taking us with it
To experience a glimpse
Of that endlessness where all has its place

It leaves one speachless and stunned
And with acceptance of what is
Within a boundless gratefulness
And utter calm

A dark yet opaque brightness
Like only night can be
Brings firmament
Within reach

Stars both bright and dark
Skies both close and far
Tears both cold and warm
Bring wholeness

Lost but found
Alone but embraced
Makes it all meaningful again
Beyond comprehension

The night
That dark and lonely place
Makes me come home again
Wherever that may be …

Katy Pylyser 07-08-2016

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