Alleen maar spiegels

Ik hoef het niet te weten
Toch wil ik het wel weten
Ik wil het liever niet voelen
Toch moet ik het wel voelen

We lijken wel de keuze te hebben
Soms …
En dan toch weer niet
Hoe zit dat dan ?

Voelen tot je er ziek van wordt
Zowel van jezelf als van anderen
Je wil het wel en toch ook weer niet
Maar toch is het er, of je het nu wil of niet

Er is niets aan te doen
Of toch wel?
Of is het alleen maar een opgetrokken muur
Rond jezelf

Je wil het niet
Of toch wel
Maar kan je eigenlijk wel ontsnappen
Aan wie je bent ???

Het is er
Of je het nu wil of niet
Er dan maar volop voor gaan
Als het dan toch niet anders is

Ik wil het wel weten
En ik wil het ook voelen
Zowel dat van mij en dat van jou
Want dat ben ik

Grenzen zijn vaag
En misschien ook niet voor niks
Misschien zijn ze niet eens echt
Misschien bestaan ze niet

Misschien ben jij
Alleen een andere ik
En misschien ben ik
Niet eens een andere jij …

Misschien is er alleen
Het voelen
Het weten
Het zijn

En zijn ik en jij
Alleen maar spiegels …

Katy Pylyser 18-11-2018


Blue is the color of your wisdom
And of your melancholy
Blue is the mystery of your Moon
Shone upon by your golden Sun

Blueish silver shines from you
As eternal wisdom
It gives you a halo of timelessness
Of agelessness

Yet you are mortal
And immortal at the same time
And Soul

There is no way
I would not see this
For you are the Mirror
For me to see

Blue is the color of your wisdom
And of your melancholy
Blue is the mystery of your Moon
Shone upon by your golden Sun

Katy Pylyser 19-11-2018

Musing …

We don’t get to choose the Darkness we have to face
We get the Darkness that matches the Light we have to discover within ourselves …

Katy Pylyser 09-11-2018

The sound of the rain

The sound of the rain
A weeping
Both inside
And out

For weeping
Is the pathway
To healing
Through the pain

The sound of the rain
Calms both my mind
And my heart
And brings relief

The rain cleans,
Alleviates and nourishes the Earth
Like tears clear the pathway
To the Soul

For only through pain
Does the pathway to the Soul
Become clear
For the heart and the mind to travel

The sound of the rain
Brings a sense of serenity
With every drop that falls on the leaves
It is comforting

It makes the travels
On the pathway to the Soul
Real and truly lived
As our own

It makes the soul human
And the heart divine
The mind creative
As to understand life

For to understand life
Beyond bounderies
Like life and death
One must travel that pathway …

Amazing what can be heard
By simply listening
To the sound of the rain …
It is beyond words …

Katy Pylyser 17-08-2018

Two o’clock …

Two o’clock in the night
With some coffee
Doing some writing

Perhaps i should try to get some sleep
Craddled by
Thunder and pouring rain

But how could i
When so much sound is around
Pure energy being poured out

I’ll just enjoy it
Listening to it
Letting it take me wherever it wants

Let the sound carry me away
To the realm of dreams
And other realities

Katy Pylyser 17-08-2018

The soul doesn’t compromise

The soul doesn’t compromise
It gets you through hell
As often and as deep as necessary
To get you where it wants you
And in time
You will realise
It was love … all along
And you will learn
To be grateful for it …
But it sure . did . fucking . hurt !!!!! 😝


Katy Pylyser 17-08-2018

Wee walk

Went for a wee walk
And the trees showed me the secrets
They carry into their basts
They told me of their countless lives
Both gone and those to come
Mystical encounters beyond and through time …
Although open and free for all to see
None seem to get any the wiser …

Katy Pylyser 18-08-2018


Always there …

Every now and again
I feel the need to step out of time
And reach out
For that timeless realm

I then feel the need for counsel
I cannot find within this world
Only in this timeless realm
Do i find true understanding

Only there do i seem to be understood
In a way that brings me back
To my own deepest self
And acceptance of it

It is a way of returning
To the deepest love that inhabits me
Through some kind of gateway
From me in this world to the deeper me within me

It feels like stepping outside of me
To be able to get deeper into me
Shaking the worldly me off
In order to find the real me and its purpose

Having made contact with that deeper purpose
I can then re-enter the world
And getting a clearer view
Of who i am in this world – giving it sense

On my way through that gateway
There is always someone there
To help me
If needed

Always reassuring
Always loving
Always present
Always there

It is very peculiar
To feel that constant presence
On my way from myself to my self
Just in case i get lost

Every now and again
All of the time really
I need to feel that timeless realm
For me to be able to be me

Katy Pylyser 19-08-2018

Endless embrace …

Life seems to be
A series of unanswered questions
Being served over and over again

And the answers don’t really seem to matter 
What matters is that the questions are allowed to be there
And deeply lived

For the answers remain hidden
In an endless potential of mystical possibilities
The questions are only there to make this clear

To live the question without answer
Is to live the endless possibilities …
The mystery of life

In the end
One can only love
(In) its endless embrace …

Katy Pylyser 20-08-2018