Always there …

Every now and again
I feel the need to step out of time
And reach out
For that timeless realm

I then feel the need for counsel
I cannot find within this world
Only in this timeless realm
Do i find true understanding

Only there do i seem to be understood
In a way that brings me back
To my own deepest self
And acceptance of it

It is a way of returning
To the deepest love that inhabits me
Through some kind of gateway
From me in this world to the deeper me within me

It feels like stepping outside of me
To be able to get deeper into me
Shaking the worldly me off
In order to find the real me and its purpose

Having made contact with that deeper purpose
I can then re-enter the world
And getting a clearer view
Of who i am in this world – giving it sense

On my way through that gateway
There is always someone there
To help me
If needed

Always reassuring
Always loving
Always present
Always there

It is very peculiar
To feel that constant presence
On my way from myself to my self
Just in case i get lost

Every now and again
All of the time really
I need to feel that timeless realm
For me to be able to be me

Katy Pylyser 19-08-2018

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