For it is always Love

The hellish fire of Purgatory
Has the burning flames of freezing cold
A freezing yet all consuming acid
That reveals itself from the depths within ones own heart
Or is it the Death within ones own heart … ?

It is within and through that acid fire
That true depth is found
It is through the burning of the heart
That one can be reborn

Like the Bird of Fire
It must consume itself from within
To be able to be reborn
Creating the everlasting cycle of Life

It is a painful yet unavoidable
Path of recovering Oneself
Through Love
And with Love
And for Love

‘Cause, don’t be mistaken
It can only be Love !!!
At the beginning … in the middle … and at the end …
For it is always Love
Recovering Itself …

Burning from within …
I suffer the destruction
In order to Live …
In order to Love …
Deeper and deeper …

Katy Pylyser 06-11-2018

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