The sound of the rain

The sound of the rain
A weeping
Both inside
And out

For weeping
Is the pathway
To healing
Through the pain

The sound of the rain
Calms both my mind
And my heart
And brings relief

The rain cleans,
Alleviates and nourishes the Earth
Like tears clear the pathway
To the Soul

For only through pain
Does the pathway to the Soul
Become clear
For the heart and the mind to travel

The sound of the rain
Brings a sense of serenity
With every drop that falls on the leaves
It is comforting

It makes the travels
On the pathway to the Soul
Real and truly lived
As our own

It makes the soul human
And the heart divine
The mind creative
As to understand life

For to understand life
Beyond bounderies
Like life and death
One must travel that pathway …

Amazing what can be heard
By simply listening
To the sound of the rain …
It is beyond words …

Katy Pylyser 17-08-2018

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