Dark Mood

In a dark dark mood
Plowing the field of my own heart
Carving deep grooves
Just to make sure I’m still alive

Like a dead field
Cold and bare
I breathe

Birds fly over
Clouds alike
They don’t even give me a glance
Not even a bit of moist

All that is left
Is salty dryness
Like desolate desert sand
After many many tears

Withered surface
Deep cracks
Only inviting
To break them open

After the residue of salt
The arid soil
There is a shadow of life
Like a memory of hope

Still deeper
There is moist
A souvenir of thirst
Misty and unsure

Then the soil blackened from fire
From the inner volcano’s of feeling
Hidden and turned within
Consuming itself

Then there is the reservoir of water
The torment of heat
The burst of inspiration
Waiting … and waiting …

Waiting to be discovered
By the plow
Carving deep … very deep …
Deep within the dirt of hurt

Katy Pylyser 22-09-2016

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