In the Quietness of the Night

Sitting in darkness
Silence fills me, while at the same time
Words come into existence

They don’t yet speak to me
They are still incomprehensible
Still not filled with meaning

They are hanging between two worlds
Hanging between two realities
Still not sure where they belong

Do we remain hidden in the world of mystery?
Or do we reveal ourselves
Make our meaning known …

Lingering in this inbetween realm
I remain with them

I let the words be the bridge
Between here and (t)here
While they fill themselves with meaning or purpose

All the while
I feel myself
Being drawn within

In the quietness of the night
Words arise
Reminding me of the mystery

As I watch it happen
I feel myself
Coming home !!

© Katy Pylyser 18-10-2020

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